Classy Cigar Bar in Miami

The place:  Casa de Montecristo Prime Cigar & Whisky bar has all the makings of a great cigar bar…what I call the “Classic 6 stars of success”: Style, smart space, smooth sounds, classy scene, great selection, and excellent service.

If you want to enjoy a fine cigar with nice libation in a cool vibrant atmosphere, this is the place to go in Miami…

The humidor;  Not only is the humidor loaded with a great selection of cigars, the cigarist working there is an expert with 15 years experience and will help you find the perfect cigar for your night or other occasions. 20170824_221725

The bar:  Top shelf scotch, bourbon, cognac, and wine, you name it, they have the fine drink you need to pair with the great cigar you just picked. The bar is designed to be open and welcoming. 20170824_233337


The sounds: Never a dull moment, the DJ mixes up the music to accommodate different tastes; from rock to rap, salsa to Sinatra.


The scene:  To lounge and celebrate with friends or family,  the seating is comfortable and cool.  If you want all the attention and be center stage with your crew, you sit in the circle of chairs and get bottle service.  If you want to have a meeting with privacy to conduct some business they also have a VIP room. 20170825_000616

Style: Every detail was well thought out; the decor, the ameneties, interior design showcase the attention to style.


The Service:  Although it was my first time to this cigar bar, the staff made me feel like i owned the place, from the front door host, to the cigarist to the waitress to the bartender, they were all welcoming, friendly, knowledgable and very courteous. From the moment I entered the Casa de Montecristo Prime Cigar & Whisky bar to the moment I left, everyone provided outstand service.


Professor Rating: 5 1/2 of 6 Stars


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To get things kicked off here is a quick list of top cigar lounges listed in LA, Vegas and San Francisco.

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